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Souper Jenny Buckhead

Monday, July 28th
* Today we are open from 11am until 5pm.  The last hour is take-out only from 4-5.

* FYI -- Final week before our summer close for SJ Buckhead (and Decatur).  We will close Monday, August 4th to Sunday, August 10th.  While Souper Jenny is closed, Cafe Jonah and Juicy Jenny will remain open.
* Want even more variety?  Check out our little brother Cafe Jonah, our little sister Juicy Jenny and of course the newbie, Souper Jenny Decatur (click the link on the top of the SJ Menu page)!  We're a tight knit but diverse family...

Hot Soups ~ $4 for a cup and $6 for a bowl
* My Dad's Turkey Chili (gluten free)

* Tuscan White Bean (gluten free, vegan)

Cold Soups ~ $ 4 for a cup and $6 for a bowl
* Gazpacho (gluten free, vegan)
* Chilled Summer Squash (gluten free, vegan)
* Mango Coconut (gluten free, vegetarian, dairy)

Sandwiches ~ $7
* Roasted Chicken Salad (Celery, Basil, Dried Cranberries) with Mixed Greens and Tomato in the Pita
* Grilled Veggies with Roasted Garlic Aioli, Feta, Roasted Peppers and Arugula on an Onion Roll

* PB and Strawberry Lavendar J on Whole Wheat

Salads ~ $7
* Big Green Salad with Garden Veggies and Spinach
* Cucumber and Mango Salad with Sweet Chili Sauce, Lime, Green Onions and Cilantro
* Roasted Broccoli, Tomato, Parmesan and a Lemon Vinaigrette
* Grilled Portabello Mushroom stuffed with Avocado Salad

* Fresh Fruit topped with Greek Yogurt and Honey

Desserts ~
* Chocolate Chip Cookies and Peanut Butter Chip Cookies
* Mary's Cakes = Gluten Free Carrot, Gluten Free Icebox and Gluten full Summer Strawberry Shortcake