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Souper Jenny Buckhead
Wednesday, Novebmer 26th
* We are open today from 11am until 3pm.  The last hour is take-out only from 2-3.   
* Thanksgiving Catering pickups must happen today between 11 and 3 or no Gobble Gobble.  If you weren't able to place an order but are interested in something from the menu, just ask.  We might have some extras!
* Today we are having a special pre-holiday Quart Sale!  All quarts of soup in the front coolers and rear freezer are $9 each (does not apply to today's menu or holiday catering items).
* Want even more variety?  Check out our little brother Cafe Jonah, our little sister Juicy Jenny and of course the newbie, Souper Jenny Decatur (click the link on the top of the SJ Menu page)!  We're a tight knit but diverse family...

Hot Soups ~ $4/cup, $7/bowl, $12/quart
* My Dad's Turkey Chili (gluten free)
* New England Clam Chowder (dairy, shellfish)
* Almond Chicken (gluten free, tree nuts)
* Indian Lentil topped with Sour Cream (gluten free, vegan)
* Everything Veggie (gluten free, vegan)
* Mushroom Barley (vegan)

Sandwiches ~ $7
* Turkey, Bacon, Romesco, Mixed Greens and Tomato
* Home Made Hummus, Feta, Cucumbers, Spinach and Tomato in the Pita
* PB and J on Wheat

Salads ~ $7
* Big Green Salad with Spinach, Avocado, Ruby Red Grapefruit Bolts and Parmesan
* Asian Apple Slaw with Cabbage, Carrots, Apples, Radishes, Cashews and a Ginger Dressing
* Brussels Sprouts with Pears, Roasted Sweet Potato, Pecans and a Maple Mustard Vinaigrette

Desserts ~
* Assorted Cookies
* Mary's Cakes = Gluten Full Sweet Potato Praline Torte and Gluten Free Lemon Icebox